Learn to skate

Group lessons / Adult & Child

Adult class $245 | Children class $225

  • $30 one time registration fee
  • 6 week program / 30 minute class
  • $5 skate rental fee / if needed per class
  • no make-ups for missed classes
  • time and dates are subject to change

*Estimate every 6 weeks a new class starts*

*no refunds*


Tots 1-4 (ages 4-6): These levels are designed to help the youngest skater develop preliminary coordination and strength to maneuver on the ice.



tot 1

(Never Skated) Proper way to fall & get up. Marching standing & moving.

tot 2

Two foot jump in place. Forward swizzle. Two foot glide.

tot 3

Push and glide stroking. Prep snowplow stop. Dip.

tot 4

T-position and push. Bach swizzle & wiggle. Snowplow stop.

Pre-Alpha-Delta (Juniors)

Pre-Alpha-Delta (ages 7 & up): These levels introduce the fundamental moves. Skaters will have a basic knowledge of the sport, enabling them to advance to more specialized areas of skating.




(Beginner) One & two foot glide. Forward & back swizzle.


Forward stroking. Forward crossovers.

Private figure skating lessons

Want to learn how to skate? All of our lessons are taught by talented, qualified skating professionals who make learning to ice skate easy and enjoyable! Private lessons allow individuals to work one-on-one for direct and personalized instruction to help meet and exceed all skating goals. For friends and family who want to learn together, take advantage of our semi-private lessons!

We offer private HOCKEY and FIGURE SKATING lessons all year round:

  • 30 minute lessons
  • $17 admission fee
  • $5 skate rental if needed
  • $50 coach fee
  • $25 one time registration fee

Call us to inquire for details and pricing. We are happy to arrange your lessons at any time!


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